Thursday, June 23, 2011

Babs Who Takes Pictures

At most any steampunk event, the New York ComiCon, NYC zombie walks, the Mermaid Parade, and at any number of other interesting events, Babette can be seen taking pictures, if you know where to look. Many of us simply refer to her as "Babs who takes pictures". Her photos always perfectly capture the essence of the events she attends and exude the personality of her subjects. In addition to being a highly skilled and talented photographer, she is also a truly kind person and one I'm happy to call a friend.

Please check out her portfolio online and vote for her in the One Life photo competition. Voting is as simple as clicking on a link in the top left of the page that says "vote for me".

Let's help her win first place so she can afford to go to more steampunk conventions, pay off some of her bills, take more amazing photos, and continue to be amazing. Thanks!

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