Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday Thinking Green : Plastic Bag Flower Tutorial

With spring on the way, and several lovely, warm, sunny days in a row here in the Pittsburgh area, I just can't stop thinking about flowers and different ways to create them.  It's a bit early to plant flowers here, but I figured if I can't have them blooming in my garden, I can create blooms and put them on anything I choose.  I began my experimenting this morning by attempting to create flowers out of fused plastic bags but couldn't quite achieve any results the perfectionist in me was happy with.  Instead, I decided to turn to Google to see what others had created and posted.  I came across a tutorial for simple flowers made from a single plastic bag and modified the idea to make my own.  On I also found a tutorial for lovely, but more elaborate, plastic bag flowers.

For mine, I made it as follows:

1)  Smooth out a plastic grocery bag, then fold it in half lengthwise, then in half again and continue this process until it is about an inch wide.  Then, fold it in half, end to end.

2)  Wrap a rubber band around it, about halfway down from the solid end (shown on the left side of the picture above) for a larger flower and about one third of the distance from the solid end for the smaller flower. 

3)  Cut off the solid end using a pair of scissors.

4) Pull apart the different layers and fluff them out until you're happy with your flower.

5) Use the long pieces of bag to tie the flowers onto your wrist, chair backs, cabinet doors, or fold over and place in a teacup, vase, or other container.  You  could also trim the ends off depending on how you want to use your flower.

Personally, I was happiest with the results from the smaller flower, but people's tastes vary, so I'm including both versions here.  Also, my method produces a double flower.  Later, I'll play around with this and attempt a single flower.
Large flower in a teacup
Small flower as a wrist corsage
Small flower tied to the back of a chair

What other uses can you think of for these?  Have you made something similar?  Thoughts or comments on the tutorial?  I'd love to hear your ideas and see your comments.

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