Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tale Tuesday: Fade Away Part 6 aka A Tale of Two Zombies

Seth suddenly turned around to look out the window as if he'd just remembered something important.  Outside, on the sidewalk, he could see Vanessa talking to Beth, the waitress.  He turned partially toward Lyn, saying "I'll be right back" over his shoulder while heading toward the door.  Once outside, he was so nervous he almost walked right past Vanessa.

She suddenly noticed him and asked, "Are you leaving?"

Seth replied, shyly and hesitantly, "No.  I, uh, wanted to talk to you for a minute."

"Oh." Vanessa added, "About what?"

Seth looked at Beth, hesitated, then continued, "Are you doing anything tomorrow night?"

Vanessa smiled expectantly, "No.  Why?"

"Would you like to get together?"

Vanessa replied enthusiastically, "Sure!  How about if I meet you here at 7:00 and we'll decide what we feel like doing then?"

Seth smiled shyly, seemed relieved, and giggled a bit as he said, "Okay.  Great!  See you tomorrow night at 7:00.  Well, I should head back in."

Vanessa smiled and waved, "Okay.  See you tomorrow."

As Seth turns to walk back inside, Lyn watches Vanessa giggling as she continues her animated conversation with Beth.   Seth walks back to the table, feeling incredibly pleased with himself.  As he approaches the table, Lyn smiles knowingly and says, "It looks like you had a good conversation." 

"Yeah." Seth replied while beaming.

"I'm glad you met someone."

"We'll see," he said hesitantly.

"I have to admit I'm a bit jealous."

Slightly surprised, "Why?"  Seth asked.

"If you two start dating, you two will forget all about friends like me," Lyn explained while smiling.


"You say that now..."

"Yeah, yeah," Seth said while trying hard not to laugh.  "You'll meet someone soon. Everything always seems to work out for you."

"You mean, except for turning into a zombie?  Normally I'd agree with you.  Right now, not so much."  She smiled, then added, "At least being a single zombie is easier when I have friends like you."

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