Friday, March 19, 2010

Free Form Friday: Zombies on my Brain Result in a New Project in Process

Many of you who know me well, know I frequently have zombies on my brain.  I'm not referring to zombies literally eating my brain (though I do feel that way before my morning coffee), but rather that I spend a substantial amount of time thinking about them and creating zombie themed projects.

I spent my Thursday evening helping my (almost) 9 year old paint planets for his science project which was due today and which he'd conveniently forgotten about until yesterday.  Since I had all my paints out, I decided it was time to drag a Barbie doll or two out of my basement studio and transform her into a zombie, a project I've been planning for almost two years now, but never attempted.  I have a bin full of assorted Barbies that I've rescued from thrift stores on various shopping trips.  When I pulled the first Barbie out of the bin I discovered that mice had nibbled on various parts of the dolls.  While I must admit I was initially bugged, I decided to work with what they'd left me and consider the chew marks as zombie bites.  Sure, I have zombie mice in my basement.  Don't you?  :  )

Initially, I painted her with leftovers that we'd mixed to paint a planet with, but once she dried, decided she needed more green mixed in with the grey, so I've since repainted her with a newly mixed, slightly more green shade.  I also need a slightly finer paint brush than the one I have to paint her face.  Then, while I like the way her wounds look, think they need to be a deeper red, so will be working on that next.

All in all, I'm happy with the progress so far and am excited to see how she'll look when finished, after I give her a couple more wounds and gashes and whatever else comes to mind as I complete her.  I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments on the process so far.


carole said...

I love the idea of your mice chewed Barbie zombie : ) What a free thinking thought/action : )
I like your blog and will be back

BarkerBell Herbs and Heirlooms said...


Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! My momma always said, "when mice chew your Barbies, turn them into zombies." Oh wait, it was something about turning lemons life gives me into lemonade. : )


Chris said...

I love it. There's Veterinarian and President Barbie, but you've taken Barbie to the next level. I think that her Botox/possessed smile really finishes the look. The pix were great too.


BarkerBell Herbs and Heirlooms said...

Chris - Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying the results so far. I also love how her forced smile contrasts with her newfound state. : )



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