Friday, March 12, 2010

Free Form Friday: Steel Town Etsy Team and a St. Patrick's Day Promo Sale

The Etsy Pittsburgh Team decided they needed a fresh start for a new year, so the few of us that were still active started the Steel Town Etsy team with a fresh attitude and shared responsibility for all the admin tasks that accompany being part of a team.  The number of new members has been wonderfully surprising, and many new networking connections and friendships are already forming.  We've had a couple of crafty chatty meetups already, the first of which was an impromptu gathering at a Starbucks in Squirrel Hill that started as a comment in one of our discussion threads on our Ning group.  The second was a planned meetup for dinner, drinks, and discussion at the Double Wide Grill on the Southside.

14 of our members came to the Double Wide Grill and all enjoyed a wonderful time getting to know each other better, or meeting in person for the first time.  For those of us who enjoy being creative, it's truly invigorating to be able to surround ourselves with other creative people.  Networking with each other and helping support each other in our crafty business endeavors, even inspiring and motivating each other, has already been a wonderful side effect of the new member growth explosion currently happening within our new Steel Town team.

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, the Steel Town Etsy team is having a 20% off promo sale in all participating shops, beginning Sunday March 14th and running through Saturday, March 20th.  Visit our blog or team shop for a list of participating shops, then find the hidden shamrock, convo the seller letting them know where you found the shamrock and which item(s) you'd like to purchase, then they'll create a special listing just for you, complete with a 20% discount.  Enjoy your handmade treasure hunt and may your St. Patty's Day be a happy one!
More pictures from the STE meetup are on their Facebook fan page.

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