Friday, February 19, 2010

Free Form Friday: Etsy Feature ClaireBaby Designs

Thursday, a couple of my items were featured on the ClaireBaby Designs blog, so I thought I'd feature a couple of corresponding items from her shop for today's feature.  These are a couple of her pinup girl design purses made from repurposed denim and Alexander Henry Fabrics.

From her Etsy profile:  "Each ClaireBaby Designs One-of-a-Kind bag is truly an ORIGINAL and I make sure that each bag has its own PERSONALITY. I scour thrift stores constantly (much to my husband's chagrin:) and buy interesting t-shirts, pants, dress shirts and anything else that I think might make a rad purse or bag. Then taking into account the design, the colors and the fabric of my beginning materials, I craft a hand made bag that will never ever be duplicated. Straps, handles, lining, closures and other features are chosen to add to the visual appeal of the bag as well as to its function.

My goal is to make a totally unique item that will get you noticed and admired. Instead of making the generic rectangular t-shirt tote with t-shirt lining, I try to add interesting fabrics and accessories to make my bags different. Different shapes, different fabrics, different colors - your ClaireBaby Designs bag will never, ever be duplicated! You can be assured that your ClaireBaby Designs bag will be a high quality, One of a Kind item that will be noticed!"


ClaireBaby Designs said...

Thanks SO much for featuring me! As an extra thank you, I'm offering 20% off to anyone who tells me they found me here. Thanks!!

BarkerBell Herbs and Heirlooms said...

You're most welcome! That's very generous of you to offer a discount too.


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