Sunday, January 31, 2010

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog entry...

An assortment of lovely birthday gifts from my friends

I must apologize for my absence from my blog this past week.  Unfortunately, life interrupted my ability to write blog entries.  It was nothing major - just a little Strep throat followed by my birthday, but enough to keep me occupied elsewhere.  First, my eldest son started getting sick Monday evening, just about the time I would have been writing my blog entry, so I spent the evening taking care of him.  Tuesday was pretty well occupied by taking him to the doctor and getting his prescription for antibiotics filled.  By the time he was able to go back to school on Thursday, I'd started feeling sick.  Since Thursday was my birthday, I decided it was best to just take the rest of the week off and try to rest up.  I'd already made plans with friends to have dinner at the Zenith Cafe and then enjoy a little dancing to 80's alternative music at The Lava Lounge on Friday so I rested up the best I could and was able to enjoy a wonderful night celebrating with my friends.  Saturday morning we had to get up early to take my youngest son to the doctor's office to have his stitches removed thanks to an accident he'd had the week before and found out I my husband and I now have Strep as well.  When our eldest heard the news, he said, "Aren't I awesome?  See how I share."  He's always good at making us laugh, at least.  After running a few errands and picking up our prescriptions, I spent much of the afternoon sleeping.  Despite being sick himself, my husband watched the boys so I could nap and even made dinner for us.  Times like this, I most definitely appreciate him. 

 3 of my favorite birthday gifts from my husband.

My friends are wonderful as well and they are also appreciated.  Sadly, some of them couldn't make it to the celebration due to their lives getting in the way for various reasons.  I couldn't help but laugh that now that I'm 41 it's just not as easy to get everyone together as it was when I was in my 20's or 30's.  The friends that were able to make it braved a bitter, cold 6 degree night, shared a delicious dinner, and spoiled me with wonderful presents even though their presence was present enough.

On another note, I have decided to make a slight change to the new blog schedule I'd implemented at the beginning of this year.  I'm finding it difficult to write both a tip on Tuesday, and an eco post on Thursday without too much redundancy.  To avoid this, the new schedule is as follows:

Monday: Meals With Mincie
Tuesday: Tale Tuesday (this will consist of an ongoing story, told in segments each week).
Wednesday: Wordless Wednesday
Thursday: Thinking Green
Friday: Free Form Friday

Note the stuffed, giant Mad Cow microbe?  It's a bit of an inside joke between one of my friends and I and will make more sense to the rest of you as my Tale Tuesday entries develop.

Thanks for being patient as I took last week off.  Hopefully the upcoming entries will make up for my absence.


Shirley said...

Your Tale Tuesday sounds interesting I will have to check back on that one. Happy Birthday belated. They are so much fun when celebrated with family and friends. I enjoyed reading your blog. That is how I am spending my evening going to different blogs.

alexkeller said...

happy belated bday! i think i remember the lava lounge - we used to live in Shadyside years ago


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