Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Clear the Clutter

One of my New Year's resolutions is to clear out, clean up, and cut the clutter. I find the larger and more daunting the task, the easier it is to procrastinate. To combat this, I've decided to tackle one room at a time and to break that room down into sections to create smaller, more manageable tasks.

Clutter drains our energy and can make us feel exhausted. Many regard it as stuck energy, so offer yourself a fresh start to the New Year and reinvigorate your energy by clearing clutter.

Piles of laundry? Set aside time to get it all washed, folded, and put away. Clean out dressers and closets to make room for it if necessary and donate items that haven't been worn for over a year to charity.

Piles of unread newspapers or mail? Sort it, put bills in a designated space, then recycle the rest. If your municipality doesn't pick up paper recycling, check to see if there is a local school or boy scout group in your area that does.

Piles of supplies? Regardless of the type of supply, if you find yourself with piles of them, its time to tackle them. Inexpensive bookshelves work well for containing and organizing supplies. Once clear plastic containers, like deli containers, peanut butter jars, etc. are emptied, wash them and use them as storage containers. Any surplus supplies can be donated to thrift stores, school art programs, or even assisted living facilities.

Have tips of your own for clearing clutter? Please leave them as comments.

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Nancy Cook said...

We have a "touch it once" policy for incoming mail. It is sorted as it comes in. Recycling, bill basket, or needs more review pile. The review pile is reviewed immediately upon sorting. (which really is touching it twice- I know!) The process really does cut down on the daily mail clutter though.


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