Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday Thinking Green: Some kitchen scraps are for the birds

Despite my best efforts to limit waste in the kitchen as much as possible, there are always a few leftovers and items in my cupboards that end up being less than fresh and not desirable for human consumption.  Several of these often end up on my compost pile, but with a yard full of feathered friends in search of food in a snow covered world, I thought I'd do some research to see which of these can be shared with them.  I found the information at Garden Guides to be especially helpful.

Today, I found oranges leftover from Christmas that were a bit dry, raisins that were no longer chewable, and 4 slices of overly dry cornbread.  I sliced the oranges and placed the two ends on my bird feeder along with the raisins and crumbled cornbread.  The orange slices were placed over the ends of branches on my wisteria vine that's near the feeder.  The birds seemed to especially enjoy the additions to their bird seed that I've been providing for them.

I'd love to hear comments about your favorite kitchen scraps that are healthy treats for wild birds as a supplement to bird seed.

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