Friday, May 29, 2009

Travel Blog: Long Overdue Final Entry

As usual, I had the best of intentions to write blog posts on a daily basis once I returned from vacation, but as you can see in the gap between this entry and the prior one, I'm lagging a bit behind on my schedule.

For some reason, I simply can't seem to force myself to tackle chores I find to be monotonous without breaking them down into small, manageable chunks. Due to that fact, I only finished going through all my vacation photos last Friday, and am now finally getting back to the blog.

Tuesday, we headed to the Aquarium and got there just after they opened. The boys were so excited to be heading into the aquarium, they wouldn't even stand still long enough for me to get a good shot.

In the interest of finally finishing this series of posts, I'm going to just sum up the rest of the trip quickly here so I can move on to other topics and hope to soon post about some of my new art projects.

After the Aquarium, we visited the Fort Sumter museum then headed to the open air Market for unique shopping followed by lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp.

Wednesday was Jared's birthday, so after a morning at the beach we headed to visit the

Yorktown followed by an afternoon of me dragging Jared all over Charleston so I could take numerous shots of cemeteries and houses, and whatever else struck my fancy. I did, however, treat him to a birthday dinner at Poogan's Porch which is his favorite restaurant in Charleston, so hopefully he enjoyed his day at least a little.

Thursday we spent another morning at the beach followed by a trip into Charleston for lunch at 82 Queen (my favorite restaurant in Charleston). After lunch, we enjoyed a walk through a few more cemeteries and Julian enjoyed using his inherited digital camera (I gave him my old one after getting a new one for Christmas) while Jared & Kendall tried not to be too bored.

Friday, we spent the majority of the day driving to Williamsburg, VA which is a convenient halfway point on the way home and gave us a chance to spend the following day at Busch Gardens. The boys had a great time and even though rain was forecast for the day it held off until around dinner time so we were able to enjoy a full day at the park.

Kendall decided he was hot needed to stand where the Escape from Pompeii ride splashes down. He got cooled off in a hurry.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Travel Blog: Day Two - Two Boys and the Sea

Monday, April 27th, our first full day at the beach house, we spent the majority of the morning at the beach. I'd already finished my "beach book" , Twilight, before we even got to the beach, so I sat, camera in hand, watching the boys frolicking in the surf, and soaking up sunshine. Of all the simple pleasures in life, there are few I enjoy more than watching kids having fun, especially when the kids are mine. More pictures from the day can be seen on my Flickr page.

We couldn't have asked for nicer weather for the trip. Every day was sunny and the temperature was between 75-80. At the beach, the ocean breeze kept things so cool and comfortable, no one wanted to leave. Sadly, though, sunblock starting wearing off and the sun got stronger as it climbed higher in the sky, so we bid a fond farewell to the sea with the promise that we'd soon return and headed off for other adventures.
My in-laws took our boys to Angel Oak, nearby on John's Island. Angel Oak is a live oak tree and sprouted nearly 1,000 years before Columbus ever set foot on the soil of the New World. While it is indeed lovely and impressive, we've seen it several times so instead opted to head off in search of lunch and to pick up a few things we needed from the closest Target, most notably the book "New Dawn" for me.
On John's Island, close to Seabrook, at the site of the old tomato packing plant, stands Stono Market which features fresh, local, fruits and vegetables along with regional gifts. More importantly, it also houses the Tomato Shed Cafe, which serves inexpensive lunches featuring fresh, local ingredients served in home cooked style. I had a delicious tomato sandwich with bacon, lettuce, and onion added to it with a side salad of fresh greens and pickled beets. Jared opted for the pulled pork sandwich and for dessert we enjoyed a slice of fresh cinnamon bread topped with vanilla ice cream and fresh sugared strawberries. The strawberries were so delicious we bought a quart from the market to take back to the beach house with us.
Content, with stomaches full, and errands completed, we headed back to the beach house where we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon and a dinner of grilled burgers and hot dogs, accompanied by fresh tomatoes and corn we'd picked up at a small farmer's market while we were out. Few foods are better than simple meals made from locally grown produce and the company of our family added extra flavor and joy to the meal.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Island Travels

It's been a while since my last blog entry as it seems that all my time for the past few weeks has either been devoted to preparing for our trip or to the trip itself.

As a Mom, I got the pleasure of locating everyone's summer clothes, washing said clothes, and packing for myself and our two young sons. This, in addition to making sure the house was clean and tidy before we left (one of many quirks I inherited from my mother). After preparing for vacation, I really needed one! My husband moans about having to lug suitcases to the car, pack the trunk, and drive all of us to our destination, but I think he has no idea just how easy he has it compared to all the behind the scenes work I put in just to make sure the trip can happen in the first place.

Every year we take a trip with my in-laws, even if it's just a long weekend, but most years we make the trek to Seabrook as it's my mother in-laws favorite spot, and for good reason.
We spent the first day driving to Mt. Airy, NC where we spent the night. The town holds the distinction of being Andy Griffith's hometown, but for us it's merely a convenient halfway point.

On the second day, after a brief stop at the Piggly Wiggly on John's Island for groceries, we arrived at the beach house my in-laws had rented for the week.

Although it's not an exotic remote tropical island, Seabrook is lovely and life on the island definitely follows a slower pace than much of the world outside. We spent our trip enjoying many trips to the beach, and exploring the surrounding area, including numerous trips into Charleston.

Favorite nearby locations include:

Rather than write one, long, lengthy post about the trip, I've decided to write a mini travel blog, with one entry per day for the time spent on the island. Stay tuned tomorrow for the first travel blog entry.


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