Friday, March 13, 2009

PopCulture PopCan Flowers, Environmental Consciousness, the Economy, and Vintage

I've been fortunate lately to have a few bloggers notice my items and blog about them. The latest of these is Tess, from the Diamonds in the Rough blog. The blog features recycled products catalog for the conscious consumer and one of my PopCulture PopCan Jewel Flowers were included in a post about eco-fashion trashion trends.

Tess has a shop on Etsy, called Yellow Dog Vintage and offers a varied selection of vintage finds. I love vintage for many reasons, such as it's ability to evoke the past. More importantly, buying vintage is environmentally friendly and a great form of repurposing items. Take a look at this lovely, springy pillow from her shop.

For those of you reading this who live in the United States, I know many of us are concerned about the economy and how we can do our small part to stimulate it. I've given this much thought and my solution is to shop from other US shops and companies. To help my local economy I buy from local companies whenever I can. As the weather warms, I will soon be buying my fruits and vegetables from local Farms and Farmers Markets.

Purchasing an item from Etsy sellers who also live in the United States is a great way to stimulate the economy. Support independant artisans and buy a unique handmade item for a gift or for yourself. Even in tough economic times we all need little indulgences. A small purchase for yourself can bring large rewards in the smiles it elicits. Buying vintage also accomplishes this while helping the environment and keeping lovely items like the pillow pictured above out of landfills.

This post began as a way to say thanks to a fellow blogger who noticed one of my items and ended up being a bit of a rant about something that' s been much on my mind of late. In light of this rant, I think Etsy should adopt a new tagline: "Save the economy one item at a time!"


ArtSnark said...

Good ideas & like your tagline

Denise said...

Great Post and have to agreed - buy local as much as we can!

yippeevintage said...

Very thought-provoking post! Buying local is always a great idea but especially now.


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